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Community Happens Here!

CityPoint Loft, owned and managed by CityPoint Community Church, is a unique special events venue in Chicago's historic Bronzeville neighborhood. As a multipurpose facility, it serves as a gathering space for the church and community space for private events and community activities.

100% of the funds generated by CityPoint Loft are donated to the church, which in turn provides fair-wage employment opportunities to over eight full-time and contract staff members, benevolent assistance to individuals and families in need, and resources for the successful operation of the church community. For more information about CityPoint Community Church, please visit

Our Vision was to Honor Bronzeville

Since I was a teen, I've been enamored with the rich history and culture of Bronzeville. So when the opportunity was presented for our church to acquire this building, I was committed to outdoing the design that we created in our previous building in the South Loop. We set out to capture the beautiful vibrancy of Bronzeville through Afropolitan themes that you'll find throughout the building. The exterior brick was painted white to indicate that something new and fresh was here. The main auditorium was reimagined to mimic urban sacred spaces that have been repurposed as restaurants, lounges, or high end homes. The herringbone floors give nods to the old world charm found throughout Bronzeville, and the floor's pattern points to the stage where inspiring words are spoken. Overall, from the moment you walk in, you'll find a space that honors the richness of Bronzeville. 

Demetrius Davis - Lead Pastor,

CityPoint Community Church

Demetrius Davis CityPoint Church
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A Place for the Community

We're actively building partnerships to help us deliver enriching activities to the families of Bronzeville. We're seeking providers who can offer coding camps, gymnastics, dance, tutoring, and similar programming. If you have experience offering these services, but need more space, let's explore collaboration opportunities that can benefit the Bronzeville community.

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